Minerals in NY

New York is rich in mineral collecting sites.  Many have been known for a hundred years or more, but others are being found every year.   The preponderance of locations are found in the geologic smorgasbord that is known as the Adirondack Mountains.

The purpose of this site is to capture personal knowledge of sites I have visited, and others that I would like to visit.  This input includes maps, field pictures, mineral photos, and literature references.   It is not meant to be complete, and I intend to continually add to the site as I explore New York geology and minerals.

Anyone who stumbles on this fledgling site and wishes to contact me about these localities or others, I’m easily found at [email protected] and I’m eager to hear from you.   I do not often check comments left on this blogsite; it is better to send directly to my e-mail.

List of Locations (with links to posts)

Wayne County Gem and Mineral Club Newsletters can be accessed on the club newsletter page of the website.

Here are a couple example issues that are posted on the blog:

WCGMC newsletter Dec 2015

WCGMC newsletter Jan 2016

WCGMC newsletter Sept 2017

WCGMC newsletter July 2018

WCGMC newsletter Feb 2019

WCGMC Newsletter April 2019

WCGMC newsletter September 2022

Sand Times Fall 2022 vol 3 no3



2 thoughts on “Minerals in NY”

  1. These site articles are super helpful. Is wayne county gem & mineral or st. Lawrence gem & mineral doing any field trips before the season ends?

    1. Sorry I did not check my messages in here before meeting you at Walworth Quarry this weekend. To answer your question, the season is pretty much over for this year for WCGMC. We’re focusing on monthly meetings and workshops now. But we will be at it again in 2016. Our website is usually pretty current with info on trips. (www.wcgmc.org).

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