My primary topical collection.   Still not here yet.   Maybe in 2017 !

2 thoughts on “Minerals”

  1. Love your site, We collect minerals and stamps. Living in New Mexico it is hard to keep up with the mineral stamps. We belong to a gem & mineral club in Denver and have exhibited the minerals with stamps several times.
    We now live in Hatch, NM (The Chile Capital of the World) and have a Bed & Breakfast.

    1. It is hard to keep up with all the minerals on stamps, but there is an international organization called for collectors of minerals and gems on stamps. I happen to be the treasurer. We haven’t had anyone take on the task of updating our checklist in several years but our quarterly newsletter does try to provide a list of new issues. I keep threatening to compile them all and update the list, but each quarter I procrastinate and the task just gets more daunting! If you want info on this group, send me an e-mail ([email protected]). We don’t have a website, but I can send you a recent newsletter as a example.

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