This page is set up to allow Calkins Road MS Science Olympiads in the Rocks and Minerals  Section to access material that I have introduced at weekly meetings.  I plan to add to this weekly from December 2021 until the event in 2022.

Ultimately there will be 4 sections (General Info, Introduction to Rocks and Minerals,  Stations/Quizzes, and Notes sent via e-mail).

I surely hope we can start to meet weekly in January, but for December let’s see if we can get started using this site.

We are now meeting on Zoom every Thursday at 4 PM.  I am sending an e-mail to each of your prior to the meetings to let you know which items on this website you might want to review before each meeting.

General Material:

Introduction to Rocks and Minerals on the List

  1. Native Elements   (posted Dec. 7)
  2. Borates and Carbonates (posted December 10)
  3. Halides, Oxides, and Phosphates (posted December 21)
  4. Sulfates and Sulfides (posted December 27)
  5. Silicates 1 (posted January 3)
  6. Silicates 2 (posted January 16)
  7. Silicates 3 – Quartz Varieties (posted January 20)
  8. Gems and Minerals (posted January 31)
  9. Rock Types Summary Handout (posted Jan. 31)
  10. Types of Coal (posted February 16)


  1. Stations Dec 27 (posted December 27)
  2. Stations Jan. 8 (posted January 8
  3. Stations January 16 (posted January 16)
  4. Stations January 23 (posted January 23)
  5. Stations February 17 (posted February 17)
  6. Two quiz pages  (February 17)
  7. Name the rocks and minerals (February 24)

Rock and Mineral Study Sets (Added February 6)

The four study kits are ready to be picked up at my home.  You can return them to me or trade them among yourselves.  The hope is that all four of you can see and study the contents of each set during February.    The pictures here are not great but are here to help you organize the rocks and minerals if you get them mixed up while working with them.   Check your e-mail dated Feb 6 for more detail.

  1. Rock and Mineral Study Set #1  (3 boxes:minerals)
  2. Rock and Mineral Study Set #2  (3 boxes :1 -minerals, 2 -rocks)
  3. Rock and Mineral Study Set #3  (1 mineral box, 1 rock box)
  4. Rock and Mineral Study Set #4 (1 mineral box, 1 rock box)

Notes Sent Via E-mail

Note 1:  Note 1    (November 21)                                                                      Note 2:   Note 2   (December 7)                                                                                Note 3:    Note 3    (December 12)                                                                      Note 4:  Note 4  (December 22)




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