This page is set up to allow Calkins Road MS Science Olympiads in the Fossil Section to access material that I have introduced at weekly meetings.  I plan to add to this weekly from November 2015 to March 2016.

There are 3 sections (General Info, Introduction to Fossils and Quizzes).  All contain links to material we have, or will, cover when we meet.

General Material: — click on the link in green

Introduction to Fossils:

You will notice I have provided a lot of information on the first two files, however after that I am leaving that work for you.  I provide a picture and a format for you to collect further information for your notebooks.  Information like the Geologic Period that the species lived,  the environment within which it lived, how it fed, etc.  And for those that have gone extinct, when and perhaps why it went extinct.  We will study the 5 major events of mass extinction later, it is a good idea to be able to place species from your list into these event.

QUIZES – in most files, the answers are on the final page

Quiz 2 Dec 4   — 6 stations, first three utilize picture pages at the end of the file.

Quiz 3 Dec 18 —  7 stations, pictures required follow questions

Quiz 4 Jan 8  — 7 stations, pictures needed and answers at the end

Quiz 5 Jan 15 —  4 stations

Quiz 6 Jan 22 — 4 stations

Quiz 7 Jan 29— 7 stations

Quiz 8 Feb 5–  6 stations

Quiz 9 Feb 19  — 6 stations

Quiz 10 Feb 26– 6 stations



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