Rocks/Minerals 2017-2018

This page is set up to allow Calkins Road Middle School  Science Olympiads in the Rocks and Minerals  Section to access material that I have introduced at weekly meetings.  I plan to add to this weekly from November 2017 to March 2018.

Ultimately there will be 3 sections (General Info, Introduction to Rocks and Minerals, and Stations/Quizzes).  All contain links to material we have covered, or will  cover, when we meet.

General Material:

Introduction to Rocks and Minerals on the List

Mineral groups and rock types will be introduced gradually thorough December and January.  The pages provided here have pictures for each mineral and rock, but will leave you room to take notes and add properties as you learn them.  Pages are designed to be useful for the notebooks you are generating for the event.

You will get the most out of this material if you print the pages prior to the meeting date listed when they will be introduced.

Native Elements 2018 – posted 12/3, to be reviewed 12/12        Sulfates and Sulfides 2018 – posted 12/3, to be reviewed 12/12  Borates carbonates halides hydroxides oxides phosphates 2018                            – posted 12/14, to be reviewed 12/19                                  Silicates A 2018 – posted 12/21, to be reviewed 12/26              Silicates B 2018 – posted 12/21, to be reviewed 12/26

Rock Types Summary Handout – posted 12/30, for review in Jan.

Birthstones –  posted 1/15


Each week that we meet I will prepare “stations” for you to do that are similar to those I expect you will be asked to complete in late February at the regional event.   It is harder to do this with pictures than it is with actual specimens, but I will post the station questions with pictures after each week.  The questions will come first, then the station pictures, and finally the answers on the final page.   If you miss a meeting these will help.  And as the event approaches they should also be good review exercises

Stations Dec 12th – 4 Stations – posted 12/14                                  Stations Dec 19th – 4 Stations – posted 12/21                                  Stations Dec 26 B –  posted 12/30                                                                            Stations Jan 2– posted 1/4                                                                                      Stations January 9 –  posted 1/15                                                                    Stations January 23 –  posted 1/28



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