2022-2023 Rocks and Minerals

This page is set up to allow Calkins Road MS Science Olympiads in the Rocks and Minerals  Section to access material that I have introduced at weekly meetings.  I plan to add to this weekly from December 2022 until the event on March 4th.

Ultimately, there will be 3 sections (General Info, Introduction to Rocks and Minerals on the List,  and Stations/Quizzes.

General Material:

Rocks and Minerals (List and Rules): The list of minerals and rocks that you will be learning is on page 1. Please read pages 2-3 and ask any questions, we will review all these items at our first meeting.

Mineral Properties: Introduction to Mineral Properties, Cleavage, Hardness, Crystal Forms, Luster, & Fracture (added November 20)

Minerals and Gems: One-page list matching minerals to their gems (added January 23)

Science Olympiad Website for Rocks and Minerals –  A very informative page with material on the rocks and minerals you need to know and their properties.  Added January 20 – PLEASE REVIEW

Introduction to Rocks and Minerals on the List:

  1. Native Elements (added November 20)
  2. Borates and Carbonates (added November 27th)
  3. Halides, Oxides, and Phosphates (added December 11th)
  4. Sulfates and Sulfides (December 18th)
  5. Silicate Minerals 1 (January 1st)
  6. Silicate Minerals 2 (January 15th)
  7. Silicate Minerals 3 (Forms of Quartz) (January 15th)
  8. Rock Types – Summary Handout (added January 23rd)
  9. Gems and Minerals (added February 2)
  10. Types of Coal (added February 6)

Stations/Quizzes (from previous year)

  1. Stations Dec 27 
  2. Stations Jan. 8
  3. Stations January 16 
  4. Stations January 23 
  5. Stations February 17
  6. Two quiz pages  
  7. Name the rocks and minerals 

Rock and Mineral Study Sets (Added February 23)

We used samples from these four boxes during the past month or so. It is never as easy with pictures, but perhaps viewing them here will help you remember.

  1. Rock and Mineral Study Set #1  (3 boxes: minerals)
  2. Rock and Mineral Study Set #2  (3 boxes :1 -minerals, 2 -rocks)
  3. Rock and Mineral Study Set #3  (1 mineral box, 1 rock box)
  4. Rock and Mineral Study Set #4 (1 mineral box, 1 rock box)

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