2022-2023 Rocks and Minerals

This page is set up to allow Calkins Road MS Science Olympiads in the Rocks and Minerals  Section to access material that I have introduced at weekly meetings.  I plan to add to this weekly from December 2022 until the event in March of 2023

Ulimately, there will be 3 sections (General Info, Introduction to Rocks and Minerals on the List,  and Stations/Quizzes.

General Material:

Rocks and Minerals (List and Rules): The list of minerals and rocks that you will be learning is on page 1. Please read pages 2-3 and ask any questions, we will review all these items at our first meeting.

Mineral Properties: Introduction to Mineral Properties, Cleavage, Hardness, Crystal Forms, Luster, & Fracture (added November 20)

Introduction to Rocks and Minerals on the List:

  1. Native Elements (added November 20)
  2. Borates and Carbonates (added November 27th)