2023-2024 FOSSILS

This page was created in November 2023 to assist Calkins Road Middle School Science Olympiads in participating in the Fossil Competition.  I will periodically add material from November until the competition in March of 2024.   The material can be accessed from the links below.

General Material – click on the green link

Fossil Rules  — please read, ask questions if anything is unclear

2023-2024_Fossil_List  We will review each and every one between November and late January.

Geologic Time Scale vertical—  the better you know this and appreciate the magnitude of the times represented here, the better you can grasp geologic history and the animals that have thrived and then gone extinct in geologic time

This link is also a very good short summary of the 4 major Geologic Eras and how they relate to the fossil record you will be learning (December 3)

GeologicTime Scale horizontal – another version (December 3)

taxonomy – Biologic Classification from Kingdom to Genus/species (December 3)

Environments, modes of life (December 15)

Major Extinctions (single page) (December 26)

Preservation Processes (December 13)

Sedimentary Rocks (February 4)

Introduction to Fossils

  1. Forams, Sponges, Bryozoa, Graptolites posted Nov 20
  2. Cnidaria  (corals)   posted Nov 20
  3. Arthropods posted December 3
  4. Brachiopods posted December 3
  5. Molluscs posted December 15
  6. Echinoderms posted December 26
  7. Fish posted January 1
  8. Amphibia and Reptilia posted January 1
  9. Dinosaurs (Saurischia) posted January 7
  10. Dinosaurs (Ornithischia) posted January 7
  11. Birds and Mammals posted January 13
  12. Plants posted January 19

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