Fossils in NY

Locations I have visited for fossil collecting and written about.  This page includes links to posts on New York Fossil locations.

Other Fossil articles involving NY Fossils

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  1. Hi Fred…. Many moons ago (30+ years) I traveled to the Catskills and found interesting brachiopods fossils along an extent of the Catskill Creek near Oak Hill. I’m planning another hiking visit to the area and was wondering if you have more definition as to what period these fossils might relate to?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Living in Rochester, I am not as familiar with eastern New York as I am with the central or western areas. However, the geologic map of the state indicates that the bedrock formation in the Oak Hill area is Upper Devonian in age (i.e. a bit younger than the Middle Devonian rocks I frequent in the Finger Lakes area). And there was a major extinction event among invertebrate species at the end of the Middle Devonian. Does not mean you would not find something in the Sonyea Group shale and siltstones, but in general I do not think they would be as fossiliferous. I don’t see any mention of limestones either in those formations so suspect corals are absent there. But the absolute best time and place to find fossils is often when you are not even looking for them.

      1. Nice site FRED. I have collected fossils & rare minerals for over 50 years.Stumbled on your site while reseaching devonian coral PLEURODICTYUM cylindricum.I specialize in mesozoic ammonites and radioactive minerals.I am a chemist by education although considering getting my paleontology. Just read the silurian experience about the Rochester shale.


        1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed some of the posts. I am a geologist, but never really did much paleontology until moving to NY in retirement. One is never to old to learn new things.

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