Calkins FOSSILS 2020-2021

This page and linked posts are for the 2020-2021 Calkins Middle School Science Olympiad FOSSIL team.

I will add material weekly from December 2020 until the competition in June.   Each entry will appear as a link on this page and will include the date it was added after the link.  Similar, and in some cases identical files, can be found in older Science Olympiad directories on this site, but each of you can better track your progress against expectations if you use this directory where new material is added weekly and in sequence.

General Material: — click on the link in green

  • Fossil Rules  — please read/understand (Dec. 5)                                      Note: Parts a-c of the competition section may not be 100% correct given the online testing process that will be used, but the question topics allow you to appreciate what could be asked.
  • 2020_Fossil_List  We will review each and each one between late November and early February  (Dec. 5)
  • Geologic Time Scale vertical—  the better you know this and appreciate the magnitude of the times represented here, the better you can grasp geologic history and the animals that have thrived and then gone extinct in geologic time (Dec. 21)
  • This link is also a very good short summary of the 4 major Geologic Eras and how they relate to the fossil record you will be learning
  • GeologicTime Scale horizontal – another version (Dec, 21)
  • taxonomy – Biologic Classification from Kingdom to Genus/species (Dec 21)
  • environments – mostly definitions of where animals lived and how they fed (December 26)
  • Fossil Preservation (January 9)
  • Invertebrate Definitions (January 15)

Introduction to Fossils:

  1. Forams, Sponges, Bryozoa, Graptolites posted Dec  21
  2. Cnidaria     posted 12/21
  3. Arthropods posted 12/26
  4. Brachiopods posted 12/26
  5. Mollusca posted 1/3
  6. Echinodermata posted 1/9
  7. Fish posted 1/15
  8. Amphibians and Reptiles posted 1/15


Quiz 1 – December 26 (updated January 1)                                                Quiz 2  – January 3                                                                                                              Quiz 3 – January 9                                                                                                              Quiz 4 – January 15