Repaired Megacrystals

Do you remember your nursery rhymes?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,                                                                 Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.                                                          All the king’s horses and all the king’s men,                                       Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

OK, but you probably have not heard these two:

Amphibole Arnie sat in a ledge,                                                              Til WCGMC came along with their sledge.                              After much mauling and sawing and sweating,                           To their chagrin poor Arnie was crumbling.

Apatite Annie sat in some calcite,                                                Resting so nicely each day and each night.                               Then came the chisels, the saw and the carts,                          And Annie came out in four miserable parts.

Well, WCGMC does not have horses and we do not have king’s men, but we do have Linda Schmidtgall.  She took all 36 pieces of Arnie and all four pieces of poor Annie to her laboratory in Savannah.  With the help of a whole lot of glue, a good dose of patience and her ever present stubborn desire to succeed, Linda pieced both large crystals together.

At our September club meeting, both billion year old pieces of Grenville age mineralogy showed up in their fully repaired glory to be admired and photographed.  OK, perhaps they are not museum pieces, but they are now WCGMC possessions that will serve as reminders of a great summer trip to Canada in 2017.  Both are available for viewing at the club workshop.


Despite careful extraction processes, the back side of Arnie came out one vertebrae at a time (a total of 36 pieces).

Once repaired, Arnies is being photographed from two sides at a club meeting. I think he may even be blushing from all the attention.  He is resting on the “gurney” that was actually used to keep all the pieces oriented in the field.


The chisels are set: Apatite Annie is about to be recovered.

Annie’s torso and feet have been boxed for the journey home.

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